Posted by: begraceful | October 11, 2011

Larry the Piano Man

One thing we learned on this cruise is that there is a piano bar near the back! Not sure how we missed this the first time around… We really enjoy the dueling piano bar in Austin and Eric loves music in general. In comes Larry:

He was really good and very funny. We befriended Larry as we were there most nights of the cruise. We also befriended the bar waiter, Vladamir. That comes into play a little later…

Not a great picture but for some reason we forgot to get a proper picture with Vlad. He is from Serbia and can down a Guinness in 2 seconds. It’s true, we watched it happen at Irish Kevins, a bar in Key west. Larry suggested the place a few days before we arrived in Key West and a few of the piano bar regulars went. Larry mentioned it because they have a contest for the fastest Guinness chug. Although they weren’t running the contest when we were there (11am!), it was fun! The bar is kind of like a piano bar really but with a guitar instead. : ) Larry got up and sang with the guitarist for one song too. It was quite amusing. We also found that there is a Pete’s in Key West. Who knew!? It was obviously closed…

Larry definitely made our experience wonderful. We’re very happy for him that his wife is joining him on the ship in November. Apparently she is also a pianist and a very good one! I know how difficult it is to be away from your partner so it’s nice that she gets to join him for a few months. : )


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