Posted by: begraceful | October 10, 2011


Yay we’re back! We had a wonderful week on the ship and in ports but it’s always nice to come home. We missed the pups and on the last day, the ship movement was messing with us….

We scheduled this cruise through Marriott using points. Yet another positive of Eric traveling so much over the past few years. Another is this: JW Marriott in Houston said thanks for being a loyal customer by delivering complementary wine and giant chocolate cake the night we stayed there before the cruise. Great start to our vacation.

We weren’t very good about taking many pictures but that’s our MO. This was our second cruise on this exact ship. Two years ago for our first anniversary we cruised on Carnival Conquest to the Western Caribbean and saw Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. This time we visited Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas and Key West. We enjoyed already knowing some tricks about the boat and cruise in general. Like…. the Sushi bar is only open from 5-8pm… if you buy a bingo card on the first day, you can use it on the whole cruise – no need to buy one each day or game. WOO! Apparently people really buy them each time and end up spending over $100. crazy! We figured we were playing for fun anyway and if we found out we couldn’t win on the card, we wouldn’t have lost anything. This time though, I WON BINGO!! And yes, it was the second day we’d played. Same card. : ) So my winnings covered my wine package I purchased for the cruise. It was $110 for 5 bottles of wine and I got to choose from a wine list. Plus, we would order a bottle at dinner and could take it with us. You can also just have your waiter keep the bottle for the next night but then you don’t get to enjoy it the rest of the night! We suggest the wine package. It’s surprisingly handy where mixed drinks cost anywhere from $8 to $12 each.

The reason for this vacation is our third wedding anniversary! Yaaaay! In celebration, we had dinner at the on-ship steakhouse on our actual anniversary.

We got all dressed up! I had a filet while Eric had prime rib. It was quite good.

We also had delicious dessert. Here you can also see some of the crazy people who were sitting behind me. Among the not-for-dinner topics, religion, politics, mobsters, I could go on. They sounded pretty crazy and also confusing. Most of them sounded like they were from New Jersey but then there was a lady with an English accent… Anyway, it was an enjoyable night.

Cute hubby. : )


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