Posted by: begraceful | September 26, 2011


I should probably post about this since I think about it so much. Not too many people in my real life read this blog and those who do already know.

We are hoping to move overseas next year for a couple years gig.  Eric’s company has a main office near London and we have been talking about spending a few years there. Why? Well why not? We would take the puppies (potentially a pain but whatever they’re our babies) and be able to more easily travel around Europe. Hopefully Eric would have time to do that but really its possible to do weekend trips being so close to the rest of the continent.

– Guinness factory of course…
– cider tour in England – if I have to visit Guinness, he has to go have cider with me. 🙂
– paella in Spain
– Italy – pasta and wine
– France – wine, cheese, bread, whatever!
– Germany – I don’t know, fun stuff…
– Brussels is supposed to be awesome.

Yes most of these seem to do with food, no I don’t know why…
Mostly, I would just like to visit and see! It would also be cool to adopt an accent. 🙂 ok well at least get to say English things like boot and nick!

The part that is killing me about this is the unknown. Will it actually happen? When? Where would we live? Would I be lonely? Would the weather be gloomy and bother me? How would the pups do getting there…. oy. Too much thinking me thinks.


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