Posted by: begraceful | September 23, 2011

Finished and on time!

I tend to start projects too close to the due date. A few days before a trip I realize I’d like a new… I don’t know, purse or shirt to take with. And then I go crazy trying to finish a project and usually don’t, wasting lots of time. Well this time I thought about it early enough! I wanted a cover up for our upcoming cruise! Everything I found in stores really didn’t cover much up. After having a questionable mole removed, I’ve been a stickler for sunscreen and probably slightly afraid of spending extended periods of time in the sun. SO I wanted a cover up that actually… covered up. I used this pattern and similar fabrics to the main picture. Eric helped pick them out yet again. He’s surprisingly good with fabric choosing!

I finally finished on Labor day after a few weeks hiatus. The pattern was pretty simple with just a few tricky parts with that collar. I also wasn’t too keen on the lace sleeve ends so I added cuffs. The version I was using didn’t call for the slits on the sides but I used the instructions from one of the other versions to add that for a better fit and less boxy look on bottom. Also, I like to move and this covers past my hips and would have been a bit tight if not for the slits.

It didn’t fit quite as well as I’d like so I added darts and cut in the side seams a bit. Its still a bit boxy on top, probably because I could really use a petite size with smaller arm holes.. oh well, live and learn! Anywho, I’m pretty happy with the final product and will wear it on our trip. 🙂
Now I just have to be patient waiting for it. 😦


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