Posted by: begraceful | September 22, 2011

San Francisco part 2

Oooooh so late in posting. Oh well.

We had a great time in San Fran. Ok well, I did. Eric mostly worked while he was there for 2 weeks. I was only there for what, 3ish days. I did go to MOMA, lots and lots of people and I apparently like the Picassos that are back in Spain and France more than this touring group.

Ferry Building clock

The wine tour we did was really great. We started at the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. Location of my first and delicious scone the day before. We stopped and had coffee and breakfast before meeting up with the wine tour group. There is a giant farmers market that is built every Saturday morning. Sadly, they opened at 9am instead of 8 when we were there.  : ( We did get to buy a few peaches from a vendor before we caught the tour. They were awesome with our lunch!!!

We traveled to Napa by bus with a tour guide who was interesting, personable and informed! We first stopped at what is apparently the best viewing area of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is actually the location a friend described when telling us where to go in the city.

That’s Bubbly Muppet’s favorite bridge. : )

So then we drove up to Napa… enjoying the scenery and cool temperatures.

Please ignore window glare. : )

Our first and favorite stop was V. Sattui Winery. The wine list was extensive and fabulous. The woman pouring our tasting was part of the family of owners – we felt it was too weird to ask about it. She was so nice and very informed. They have a little deli with prepared foods as well as a giant selection of cheeses. I had some greek salad and delicious ravioli while Eric chose a sandwich. We also bought a bottle of wine for lunch. : )

We didn’t finish while we were sitting out in the winery’s picnic area so we took the rest on the bus where our driver had a very handy ice chest all ready. Like I said, great tour.

Eric enjoys taking pictures of me when I’m not looking. Silly hubby.

We visited a few more wineries including one we thought Eric would love since they produce one of his favorite cabs – Franciscan. We were sadly disappointed. The tasting was really general while the winery produces more reds than anything. It was kind of odd.

At Rutherford, we saw the vineyards, sat on the giant bench and ate baby grapes. : )

The last winery was fun too. We saw lots of barrels..

My husband is really cute.

The end of the tour was not even on the bus. We took a ferry back to San Francisco which was pretty fun until Eric lost his sunglasses while taking this picture (or one extremely similar…). They just flew right off of his head! Quite entertaining if you ask me. Don’t tell him I said so…

Look! Alcatraz!

We had a good time. : ) Yay wine!



  1. That’s a great pic of the GGB! Glad you had a good trip out there – I love SF! I like the pic of you and E on the bench =)

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