Posted by: begraceful | August 19, 2011

San Francisco!


I’m enjoying a free day off from work by flying up to SF yesterday to meet up with Eric who is training up here for two weeks. I left work on Thursday night and headed straight to the airport. My flight was supposed to land at SFO at 1045… well my connecting flight from LAX had a minor problem. All the oxygen masks had fallen due to some pressurization issue I guess. Needless to say, we had to switch planes. I’m kind of ok with that instead of them trying to hurry and put those things back up there correctly! So, I got in late and we finally got to the hotel at midnight meaning I had been up for 20 hours. Also, we had to get up at 6 so he could go to training and drop me off at the train. I slept very badly but I hope tonight will be better.

Things about San Francisco:
– Seagulls are loud and obnoxious.
– Flowers are everywhere including my favorite hydrangias!
– I wish we had an H&M!
– Caltrain is fun! I’m going to ride on the upper deck on the way back to redwood city.
– I’m excited about going to MOMA in a few minutes! Yay Picasso and Matisse! And the normal exhibits of course…
– I’m walking a LOT. Which is good since I haven’t worked out in at least 5 days…
– Picture is of Bay Bridge.

That’s it for now. Maybe tomorrow I will update about the wine tour planned for tomorrow! Yay!


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