Posted by: begraceful | August 13, 2011

Garden update

Our garden looked awesome this year, all green and pretty! However, we only really produced tomatoes, a few banana peppers, tiny jalapenos, basil leaves out the wazoo and some chives. The squash, bell peppers, and green beans grew and sometimes blossomed but never actually produced fruit. : / Oh well, it was our first season and it was a HOT one. Note to self, hot weather makes most veggies grow TINY.

Squash blossom

We built a trellis for the beans but they didn’t make it too far.

Pole beans

The tomatoes were very fun though and we enjoyed having fresh tomatoes from our garden. We’ll definitely grow these again. My romas were awesome.

Tomato in hiding

I believe we will be tilling the soil and removing all the plants this weekend. We’ve got compost to get in there and all of the plants are done producing at this point.

: ( and : )

Now we will have to decide if/what we will plant for the fall/winter season!


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