Posted by: begraceful | August 6, 2011

Sewing? Nap? Cleaning?

This blog post sums up how I feel lots of the time when I’m not at work.

It’s currently the weekend. This morning I walked the pups and ran while Eric biked. I vacuumed the stairs thoroughly. I saw dust and stuff in the nooks and crannies when I was stretching. Ick. I also feel like I’ve been a sucky wife by not cleaning as much as I should/need to. It’s an unfortunate side effect of not being happy in my work; I get home and I don’t want to do ANYTHING. I want to sit and unwind. I want to relax with a glass of wine and ignore the previous 9-10 hours. I definitely don’t want to wash dishes.. or laundry. sigh.

Anywho, I need more sleep in general so a nap would be nice this afternoon. I have tons of sewing projects in my head and a few sitting at the machine waiting for me… There are dishes in the sink and the floors could use a scrub/swiffer. And here I am at the computer, browsing blogs. ACK! ok, decisions… nap time or sewing? Sewing may make me tired… but sometimes I wake up from a nap feeling icky. Ok, I think I’m going to sew. And now you’ve been inside my head. : )


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