Posted by: begraceful | August 1, 2011

Why do people pick obnoxious ring tones?

Another question that must be asked is… why do people answer their phones and have long drawn out conversations on the train? It’s all nice and quiet but currently a woman is discussing websites with someone on the phone and she keeps saying what? What?! Maybe she doesn’t know cell service drops at this station… anyway… back to the original question: why the strange/obnoxious/annoying/loud ring tones? My guesses:
– attention
– boredom
– little brats just want to be ‘cool’?
(Yes if you have a ridiculous ring tone, you are a brat)
(If you’re German, I wonder if you are thinking I’m calling people sausages! Ha!)

I think the crazy ring tones are just an attention thing. You may notice they’re more prevalent of high schoolers than adults.

That’s my theory anyway…

Today though my coworker’s alarm went off on her phone. It was actually nice. Apparently it was a song but it wasn’t gangsta rap or anything equally annoying. I want my phone alarm to do songs!


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