Posted by: begraceful | July 28, 2011

Is it weird that I enjoy public transportation?

Everyone knows I ride the train to downtown ATX. It’s handy for me and I enjoy the downtime. When I was in NYC for work, I took the subway or walked. It was in the 80s and humid, sometimes rainy while we were there. While it was a great change from overheated Texas, those train platforms were almost unbearable! I can’t imagine what its like right now while they deal with a real heatwave… anywho, I enjoyed it; people watching, figuring out which line to take, which stops. I haven’t really used public transport many other places I guess. The tube in London, the Chunnel to Paris and then maybe the trolley in San Fran? I think we were mostly in tour busses in Spain and after graduation. I don’t count those so much… actually the taxi in Paris was interesting. The driver wouldn’t take a particular coin from my dad and that’s how we found out we’d been given an Australian penny at one of our stops!

Anywho, Eric and I hope to do much more travelling in the future and public or other fun transport will likely be part of it! Train across multiple European countries? Yes please! We’ll see where we get to go. For now the next big trip is a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean in September for our anniversary!


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