Posted by: begraceful | July 25, 2011


It’s Monday again. What a bummer. However PLEASE don’t say you have ‘a case of the Mondays’… for some reason that phrase rubs me the wrong way.

I had a nice relaxing weekend. The hubby was on a guys fishing trip so I had the pups and house to myself. It was nice if a bit quiet. I did some stuff I had been meaning to do, cleaned up a bit, sewed a bit. I even went running! I also bought that slice of cake I promised myself on Friday and ate it over the weekend. I’ve been eating pretty healthy and I decided I deserved it after the stressful few weeks I’ve had and will continue to have for the next two. Uuugggh. Thinking about it makes me feel the need for another slice. Just say no to stress eating! Ak.

I took puppies on walks and to a new dog park with Bing and her pups. Syd and Parker actually got in the pond on their own!! Crazy! Ok so it was like belly and ankle deep respectively but I didn’t have to get in myself and coax them! I wonder if they even know how to swim… It was also fun to meet Bing’s new puppy. He’s still very much a puppy, all gangly and bouncy. Very cute.

I also finished a book I’ve been reading: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I don’t know if I would call it good per se but it was interesting and I keep thinking about it. That’s usually my barometer for movies and books; if they stay with me or not.

Sidenote: there are not one but two crying children on the train. I feel bad for them but this is not my usually relaxing commute….


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