Posted by: begraceful | July 23, 2011

Discontinued product?

WordPress gives a few suggested writing prompts after you post and today this was one:

Name a discontinued product that you wish you could still buy.

I’m trying to think of a discontinued product I’m upset about. My first thought was those pink and white circus cookies but I think I’m crazy and those really do still exist. AND THEN IT CAME TO ME!!!!!

So there is this specific Banana Boat sunscreen that I found probably 2 years ago. It was awesome. It wasn’t oily and it actually smelled nice! Plus it was SPF 50. Well.. I went looking this year because I used it all up and it’s not being sold in regular stores. The only place I found a bottle… Babies R Us. I’m not really sure why they stock non-baby-specific sunscreen but whatever, I got a bottle! And even though it expires in 2012 (that was also probably the reason it was on sale..) I am HAPPY to have found it. WOOT! It’s the little things right? Like that piece of cake I bought myself this weekend? Right. ps. the cake was delicious.


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