Posted by: begraceful | July 12, 2011

Writers Block

I don’t know what to write about. Bullets it is!

– I went running this morning! Not far but it’s a start.
– I’m waiting for the foundation guy to get here. We’re hoping and praying the cracks we’re seeing are not major foundation problems! : /
– I’m finally sewing a bag for ME!
– I’ve only finished part of the laptop sleeve of this bag…
– The dogs are snoring. This isn’t really news, it’s just cute.
– It is stinkin’ hot in Texas. Yesterday is usually the first day we’re above 100. This year, it was day 28? of over 100 degrees. Just disgusting…
– I went to a dermatologist last week and she scraped off a mole that looked weird. It’s likely nothing but she was concerned by the pink/brown color. It’s a strange feeling as it’s healing but I felt nothing when she took it off!
– It seems like all I talk about on here is medical things. Odd.
– My foot is doing pretty well after being signed out of PT. : )
– We’re in the midst of booking our anniversary cruise!!! Of course by the time we got to that point last night, Marriott Rewards closed their office so we couldn’t book it using points as planned. Oh well, finishing it today.
– Best thing about Eric traveling so much in those early years:
Free hotels for our honeymoon
Free laptop for my folks
Free hotel stays a few random times
Free cruise!!!
– Heck yeah!

I just accidentally changed my desktop to this picture and got the itch to cook:


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