Posted by: begraceful | July 6, 2011


Everyone is judgemental. Some things we judge out of necessity; is the pan too hot to handle? Should I walk down this dark scary alley? Does that man seem really creepy? Lots of times we also judge to feel togetherness I guess? All the people judging Casey Anthony is what comes to mind. It doesn’t really matter what I think about the case because there are already so many people making their judgements hurt; not least is the jury.

I think I might be most judgemental about kids. Seeing people with their kids in public, thinking to myself, that will not be me with the screaming child on the train, the one running around in a store unheeded. I know that some of this will be true. It seems like I’ll be the disciplinarian of our house and Eric will be the fun dad. We’ll see though. He can be tough!

Anywho… a friend posted a link to a CNN article today that I fully agree with. It talked about the parents who can’t or won’t discipline their children in public. Some people have what he called ‘the look’ which, when correctly given, let’s their children know consequences will be had if a certain behavior continues. Last night on the train, a woman got on with 5 kids, one stroller, at the busiest stop on the line. The kids were running around like crazy and the child in the stroller – who was old enough to know better – was whining and screaming to get who knows what. The mother barely told him to be quiet. Today on the train, there are two sets of parents who are the examples of how I’d like to be with my kids. One man is actually paying attention to his

So that is my goal when we become parents. To care enough to be a disciplinarian and to be actively present with my kids. I’m sure there are times when nap time is missed or a 2 yr old is just being terrible. I just hope I’ll be able to know my child enough to deal with and/or not be in situations like those we see around us. Kids kicking airplane seats, screaming for candy or what have you… I also hope to have ‘the look.’ It seems like a handy tool. 🙂


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