Posted by: begraceful | June 28, 2011


Well hello there! Long time no write…

Life has been busy and work stressful. 2 weeks ago now, on a Friday, myself and my project manager (pm) were told that the VPs were planning for us to travel to NYC for work the next Tuesday through Thursday. However… it didn’t officially get approved until Monday! Either way, I boarded the non-stop jet blue flight outta here at 7am. Oy. Thankfully we were able to work it out so that instead of Thursday, I flew home on Sunday and Eric joined me up north on Thursday!

Working up there involved long hours but it was successful in helping the teams work together. Its already been a stressful week this week so that working together part carrying over remains to be seen.

We visited family over the weekend and got to hold new babies. 🙂 Surprisingly, holding babies has helped with the baby fever. I would say my feelings now are, yes I’d like one, in a year or so. If we had one now, it would be fine but I do like my sleep…. we’ll see.

I took the quilt up with me to work on in hopes that I would finish in time to gift it to the new baby I held for hours. Unfortunately it was not meant to be. I didn’t get to work on it much after the long work days and wasn’t as fast as I had hoped on the ride to PA. Oh well. I finished it on the plane ride home though so now I will be sending it up there just after our visit. I’m very very pleased with it but just realized I didn’t take any pictures of it finished.. sigh. Such is life.


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