Posted by: begraceful | June 7, 2011

Physical Therapy

I’ve been discharged!!! It’s actually kinda sad though. It’ll be weird not seeing the people at Austin Pain Therapy every week. I basically saw them every other day since mid-April. They were awesome. Especially Amy and Bryan. They had me jumping around, stretching, leg pressing all over the place. I also liked the assistant admin. Just because she thought I was 20. : ) I think they were also shocked that I’m married. Really though, they saw me without make up in workout clothes… I definitely look 12 with my hair in a ponytail.

Anywho… I’ve been discharged. I have very little pain now and have some exercises to do to keep it that way. One part includes my sweet husband massaging my foot. : ) Thankfully, he doesn’t mind. He’s awesome! I also wear a brace type thing at night to keep my foot from slacking too much. It’s just a resistance band tied around my ankle and then around my big toe so it can’t go down really easily. I think there are similar contraptions for plantar faciatis. I always figured that stuff wouldn’t apply to me since it’s not exactly what I was diagnosed with. I talked to my coworker however and when she had physical therapy for a torn ACL, she actually did similar exercises. This is mostly due to the fact that they try to build your muscles around the ‘affected area’ but it’s nice to hear that a) they weren’t doing crazy stuff b) this actually helps!!!!!!!!!!

In summary, if you have plantar fibromatosis, you should try physical therapy. The way my doctor put it (which I’m not sure is totally correct) is that the nodes are actually muscle that isn’t being supported by facia and if you remove it, more will take its place. Even if it’s not actual muscle (I haven’t read anything to that effect), PT has definitely helped me live with this instead of trying to find a ‘cure’. With recurrence after surgery being what it is – and knowing from experience – I am all for non-invasive treatments that could work. My list going into the podiatrists office was radiation therapy and then cryotherapy. I just didn’t know about physical therapy being an option! Hopefully this will last for quite a while and I won’t have to go back to my list. I’m only 26 so I’m not going to be going back for surgery any time soon and I’d really like to avoid all this stuff that no one seems to KNOW if it works. So again, physical therapy –  go, do it. : )


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