Posted by: begraceful | June 2, 2011

Mini vacation!

I’m finally getting around to posting this… It’s over a week late. Oops!

The long weekend felt like a mini vacation! My mom came to town from Florida and stayed with us from Friday through Monday. I hadn’t seen her since I left Florida in November so it was great to see her. One of the things she wanted to do was take the dogs on a walk to a park. Of course, they were totally ok with that idea. We all piled in my car and went to Walnut Creek to hike around with the dogs off leash. They had tons of fun and we enjoyed it.

My mom had sent a note to one of her friends here in Austin and was able to get together for lunch on Saturday with some ladies from her old bunco group. Then we moved on to one of the other things mom wanted to do………. Get a tattoo!!! I’m so proud. She and I had wanted to get tattoos together since I was around 18. But then they moved to Florida and it just never happened. I got tattoos without her and she’s still wanted one for years. My dad is not a fan of tattoos. A lot of ‘I don’t know why you’d want to do that to your body’ etc etc. Thankfully, he doesn’t harp on it too much anymore unless the subject is brought up. Eric doesn’t want a tattoo but he’s had piercings. He is not of the same mindset though and actually went with me in Hawaii when I got my turtle. He also took pictures and a video I didn’t know about at the time… sigh. So anywho, my mom wanted something to remind her of Texas I think and she had already decided on bluebonnets. So we went to True Blue first…. One artist was working on someone and there was a girl sitting in the lobby, obviously waiting for an appointment. No one else was there. No one talked to us. We finally approached the artist who was there who said another artist coming into the shop in 5 to 10 minutes. At that point, we didn’t feel like waiting around for someone who may or may not waltz in after they’ve been ‘open’ for an hour. So we went to Southside on South Congress. They have a good process set up. They take your name, what you want and a few details and your phone number. Then they go in order of the walk in list and fit people in around the appointments. They also had like 5 people doing tattoos at the time and were happy, pleasant, talked to us when we walked in. So they won our business. So while waiting, we browsed around soco and stopped by the co-op. It was quite warm so it was nice when we got to go in. And the result……..

A bit blurry and weepy : /


Pretend it’s not so blurry and not weepy at all…. It’s really pretty and on her left ankle. She is very happy with it! Yaaaaay!

On Sunday we went to Fredericksburg to visit some wineries and hit up the crawfish festival. My mom had never had crawfish when she was living in Texas so she had to try one. : ) we agreed that they’re kind of a pain to eat with taking off the shell and all… We went to Grape Creek, Becker, Rancho Ponte and then one I always mess up the name for…. Tierre di pietro or something similar. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know the name of that one, it wasn’t good. We got free glasses from the first three which is fun because I love the size and stem of the ones from Rancho Ponte (even though their wine isn’t our fave either). We really liked Becker – not surprising – and Grape Creek. My mom enjoyed it too so I’m glad. We also shopped around the downtown area and were really surprised about how many shops were closed on Sundays. This is a destination town in the middle of nowhere so why would you be closed one of the weekend days when there are a ton of people in town? Anywho, on our way home, we swung by Coopers BBQ in Llano. It’s delicious. My mom got to see the giant pit and pick the pieces of meat we wanted. Of course we bought too much… But it was awesome because we’ve had leftovers for a week! I think their chicken is the best thing they make. It’s just so tender and yummy…

On Monday we stopped at Juan in a Million. We had taken my dad when he was here in March and he had been bragging about it to my mom. So, we took her too! She enjoyed her Don Juan taco and then we walked around UT’s campus some before her flight. It was a great weekend and I really loved seeing my mom. : )



  1. Yay, Mom! Love the tattoo and it sounds like you guys had a great time!!

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