Posted by: begraceful | May 16, 2011

The Wachholz

The baby shower I’m throwing is for this great couple who just moved up to Denton, TX. It’s a bummer but understandable since they have family up there and more job opportunities. They came in town last week for a baby doctor appointment. We were so glad we have the room for them to be able to stay with us. While they visited, I had them check out the diaper bag I’ve been putting together for them. They requested a messenger style in light gray with an orange interior. I’m REALLY happy with how it’s turned out, especially because it’s the first diaper/messenger bag I’ve made. The suiting fabric was a bit tricky and I might have done better choosing a different type of fabric for that part. But it was a great color and just what they were looking for. Anywho, I wanted them to see it to make sure they were happy with the monogram as well as the strap length.

I completed it on Saturday so now I’m done and ready for the shower! Well the bag is…


It has one pocket on the outside and two on the inside.

I had a rough time getting that strap adjuster… First I ordered two-inch pieces. Well… I needed 1 1/2 but had forgotten to measure. In the beginning of planning this bag, I had planned for a two-inch strap. So I ordered the correct size but the Etsy shop owner sent me some kind of hinged rings. I triple checked that I had ordered correctly before contacting them. Thankfully, they were able to rectify the situation rather quickly.

Yay it’s done!!!


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