Posted by: begraceful | May 15, 2011

New baby quilt – in the works

There is another new baby on the way in Eric’s family. S/he is due in a few weeks I believe so I better get cracking on this quilt! After cutting into the fabric and everything, I’ve decided that this is really a boy quilt. It’s not going to work very well if it’s a girl… So after I finish binding this one, I think I’m going to at the very least, start a more girly quilt. That way I can be ready!

I love chain piecing when I have enough pieces to make it worth it.

Eric helped pick out these fabrics just like he did for Adelynn’s. I enjoy the big dots the most I think. We had also picked an orange solid at first but I went and grabbed the blue the other day to take it’s place. The orange would probably have been fine but I think the blue works better.

Pinned quilt sandwich

I started cutting into fabrics a few weeks ago and on Saturday I finished with the blue and stripe. I chain pieced rows and then got those together finishing the whole quilt top. It came together pretty quickly and I’m really glad I’ve gotten it to this point. Now it’s sitting upstairs pinned to the backing with some organic cotton batting. It’s really soft and nice. I’m going to quilt just inside each square and MAYBE something in the blue squares. or maybe just one blue square or something. I haven’t decided. I may be crazy thinking about trying something more advanced than my skills can really handle. Plus I don’t want to mess up the new nephew/niece quilt! We’ll see… I’m also planning to do a label similar in technique to Adelynn’s.


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