Posted by: begraceful | May 13, 2011

Physical Therapy

So I’ve been visiting the Austin pain center for… 4 weeks? Something like that. So far my ledderhose has become less dense and my surrounding muscles have become stronger. The toe splint thingy Brian gave me to wear at night seems to help so much. I used to wake up and my foot would hurt with my first step. Apparently the key is to not let my big toe stay extended while I sleep, letting the plantar muscles slack. It is a bit strange to wear a knotted yellow resistance band to sleep but its better than hurting in the morning!
Laser! Laser! I don’t know exactly how it works or if its working… I know that before they lase me (“Don’t lase me bro” bahaha) they do some deep tissue massage and that feels nice. The therapists are always worried the pressure is too hard and the sore spots do hurt a bit with massage… I keep saying though a) it’s not as bad as cortisone shots and b) if it’ll help, do it.
So I can’t say for certain what exactly has helped but I know I’m in less pain so I’m happy about that. I also realize this isn’t a cure but I’m not sure that there is one. Surgery was definitely not the answer and that’s basically all some podiatrists want to offer me. No thanks. I’m not doing that again.
So we’ll see what the next four or so weeks bring, if I have had real tissue changes, if I will need pt periodically or if the exercises and stretching I’ve learned can just be continued by me…



  1. LOL, you are too funny! “Don’t lase me bro!” I love it. I’m glad it’s all going well =)

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