Posted by: begraceful | May 9, 2011

The pink house

So there is this house in Austin along the highway. Most people who grew up here know about it – or at least those who lived up north of Austin it seems. It used to be pink and that’s what we all called it. The pink house. It didn’t have any signs or anything. Wait, maybe it had a neon ‘open’ sign. Anyway, everyone knew what it was without really knowing. You know? So a year or so ago, someone painted it! Crazy! Now it’s tan. Then some words were added; a woman’s name, something about lingerie or modelling. You can probably guess the establishment now. There is a legitimate business right next door to this house. It’s an aquarium supply store I believe called Amazonia Aquariums. The owners have a GREAT sense of humor. They have professionally made vinyl signs which they rotate. My favorites are “Live Nude Fish” and “Spawn Safely!” I really wish I had pictures but right there is a busy on-ramp and I prefer to get to my destination safely. Still, I hope you get the idea. I laugh each time I drive by.


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