Posted by: begraceful | April 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

  • Walking to the train yesterday I realized that my foot didn’t hurt! I wasn’t walking funny due to a constant throbbing… I wasn’t favoring my right foot. AWESOME!
  • I really hope May does not end up to be the tornado month it usually is. States like Alabama and Missouri need some rest.
  • All those tornado videos people send to the news are awesome in a scientific sense. They make me think the person who took it is a big giant idiot. One video had a barb-wire fence in between the videographer and the tornado… a) that will not help you b) that will probably hurt you more if the tornado turns towards you… Oy!
  • How did one fire ant end up on a bulletin board in the middle of the wall in our office on the 14th floor? Hmmmm
  • I’ve eaten a banana every day this week. Isn’t that crazy? They were little though.


  1. I love your Thursday thoughts. I’m happy about your foot! Yay! Did you kill the ant? And bananas are good for you, so good job on eating them!!


  2. Of course I killed the ant. Who wouldn’t?? Other than my silly coworker. : )

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