Posted by: begraceful | April 28, 2011

Cheesy Goodness – The update

I really should have just waited to pull the pictures… Oh well, now you can see the delicious cheesiness that I was talking about!!!

So we started with arugula and tomatoes.

Peppery arugula and baby tomatoes, all blurry. sigh....

Next, tender and delicate angel hair pasta.

I could eat pasta at every meal, every day. You?

And my concoction!!! A lovely roux made with butter, flour and milk. Added garlic, pepper (as you can tell) and cheeses – Gouda and Fontina!!! Gosh it was so good. I was afraid of burning it so I simmered on low for a while…. then we got impatient and were hungry. So it may have had a few cheese lumps in it when we ate it. Whatever, it was awesome.

Gouda + Fontina = YUM!


TA DA!! This is my dinner!

Someone can’t eat anything without Frank’s…

Definitely not my dinner...

: ) Food adventures!!!!!!!!!!!


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