Posted by: begraceful | April 21, 2011

Physical Therapy!

If you don’t want to hear about boring foot details, stop reading here. : )

So I forgot to describe my first PT appointment… and then of course the one today since it just happened a matter of hours ago.

My first appointment (after the consultation) was Tuesday. I may have mentioned the stationary bike in a dress incident……. Anyway, after that warm up, the PT, Amy, had me do some balancing tests. Standing on a squishy foam mat and looking straight ahead, side to side, up and down and then… eyes closed. Eek! I have pretty good balance until my sight was gone. We also did a few exercises to strengthen my foot that I’m now doing at home. I’m picking up marbles with my toes and dropping them in a cup. I bet Bingham would freak if she read that. HA! I’m also scrunching up a towel with my toes. It’s interesting. Parker really wants to eat/lick the wooden balls I got to act in for the marbles…

Today’s appointment got me sweaty. This is good really! Again with the stationary bike I warmed up. Then on a leg press type machine I had to do squats basically. Then just on my left foot and balancing it on a wobbly thing! That was a bit more difficult… Today we did more balancing but in addition to the foam mat, I got to use one of those half exercise balls! They always look fun to me. Balancing on that in general is a challenge, then on one foot! Today my PT was Brian who also did my consultation. He’s really nice and we chat. He has a little girl who is five. I told him about our pups! He did some deep massage to my foot today too. It feels a lot softer right now than it did this morning. He also had me push against his hand up and then curling down. Anywho… He gave me a stretchy band to use at night so that my foot is being stretched a bit. Usually I sleep on my stomach and the bottom of my foot is really slack so in the morning it hurts to stretch it out. We’ll see how this goes!


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