Posted by: begraceful | April 20, 2011


This week’s happenings:

  • I got a call from the Blood Center earlier this week that I was eligible to donate again and they needed my blood. Isn’t it nice to feel needed? : ) They also confirmed that the number they had as ‘home’ was old. It was incredibly old (I didn’t recognize it at all) and apparently they had been calling it and found out that it’s someone else’s number!
  •  Today I donated at the mobile blood donation center since our building brought ‘em over. It was a coworkers’ first time to donate and she did well. She agrees that the finger prick is worse than the actual donation. My finger still hurts a little.
  • I like the new process the blood center uses with a donor ID card you scan at the center instead of the barrage of questions each time. It’s awesome!
  • People on the train amuse me to no end.
  • Today a man on a makeshift tandem bike with no partner was attempting to board the train. First he detached the back seat/wheel combo and stood at the door to the train waiting for it to open. Next, he proceeded to push into the people trying to get off the train so that he could put that piece down and go back out for the rest of his bike. I almost asked him to wait for riders to get off. I guess he was worried he wouldn’t make it on twice……. Whatever, still weird.
  • I like architecture. Houses, buildings… all time periods I think.
  • It seems like I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like Mondrian style anything.
  • I have baby fever. Ok, I admitted it, now hopefully it will go away!
  • The look of our garden and yard is pleasing to my eyes.
  • I hope the dogs weren’t the ones to eat that tiny corn sprout… I’m betting it was a bunny though.
  • I’m always motivated to work out at 4pm. That time is not conducive to working out when you have a normal 9-5 job…. or 9-6 whatever…
  • I don’t like that WordPress will let me save a draft but when I post it, it posts with the date I started the post… not the actual post date. Dislike.
  • I had my first real PT appointment yesterday and I wore a dress since we had a client visit at work. The first thing they had me do? Warm up with a stationary bike. BAM.

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