Posted by: begraceful | April 20, 2011


No, I’m not prego. I’m planning an eco-friendly baby shower for a friend. It’s new territory! I’ve planned our wedding and an engagement party but no showers. Plus this is an eco-friendly, gender neutral baby shower. No storks with blue or pink bows or anything like that…

So, I’m researching:

  • Eco friendly caterers and make-it-ourselves food options
  • Recycled invitations and paper
  • Biodegradable utensils or just our utensils and possibly thrifted plates, cups and bowls

The mom-to-be also doesn’t want a bunch of silly games. I already told her the melted candy bar in a diaper ‘game’ is out of the question. Seriously, why do people do that?! I don’t understand.

Anyway… I have ideas and I need to run them by the parents. Since they don’t get much input on the showers thrown by their families, at least I can put together something fun but include them to be sure it’s what they’d like.

PS. Preggos are EVERYWHERE. I don’t know if I’m noticing them more for some reason but seriously, pregnant ladies are everywhere I turn.


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