Posted by: begraceful | April 7, 2011

Says the girl in orthopaedic flip-flops…

I am noticing womens’ shoes more today, figuring out what I would like/dislike. A girl boarding the train has on sandals that I don’t feel match her outfit very well. Then I had to laugh at myself because today, I am wearing orthopaedic flip-flops. 🙂

So I bought these sandals a while ago when I finally found something with support that isn’t a clog or tennis shoe. I opted for bright blue. Why not? And I really like them. When my foot isn’t hurting, they’re really comfy. When it is hurting… well I tend to walk on the outside of my foot without putting any pressure on my arch. Not good! I’m going to try really hard to walk normal through the pain.

So my podiatrist appointment yesterday was good. It started late but that’s no biggie. The doctor wants me to get correct footwear (which I knew I needed) and that is non-flats with arch support. Heels? What? Ok… I told her I had these Orthaheel Tide sandals and she said those are good. Also my Asics are good. Yay! However, I have to toss my favorite silver shoes. 😦 what a bummer. I surfed the web for the brands she mentioned and I think I may have found an acceptable pair. Maybe. I’m really hoping the clog look isn’t all there is. The last thing I need is giant clunky shoes.

Other things this new doctor said: surgery really is a last option if totally necessary down the line especially as it won’t keep the nodes from coming back necessarily. We are going to try a warm laser therapy which is similar to the ultrasound therapy I had before but more effective. I hope that is true! If that and new shoes and possible insoles don’t help, we’ll move on to actual orthotics and cryotherapy. Basically, they inject gas in the nodes to freeze them. Ew! Sounds scary. We’ll see what happens when we get to that point. She said that she isn’t sure radiation therapy would be helpful and she hasn’t read up on it being used for plantar fibromatosis. The way she explained it, the muscle being held up by my fascia is falling down and forming the lumps so partially killing or injuring those muscles is possibly detrimental to the structure of the foot.

So the plan is to reduce size and hardness of the masses and keep my arch supported so I will have less pain. It’s not a cure but there really isn’t one. This is just a series of treatments to deal with symptoms and live with the condition. Since I’m only 26, I think I can live with this way of thinking at least for a while. I don’t want to do something drastic and ruin my foot so early in my life…

So that’s the update on how I’m now even older. Yes one year was added on but it’s really about the orthopaedic shoes and knitting on the train. Old lady power!!


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