Posted by: begraceful | April 7, 2011

My husband is awesome.

He is and I don’t know if I tell him enough. He is so sweet. He makes my morning latte which I love. He takes care of our pups and plays with them. He’s really into making our lawn and gardens produce and look nice! And he’s been taking better care of himself and really got into biking.

My birthday came around this year and I wondered if he remembered… I know he knows the date but the weekend before I said something about lunch with coworkers for my birthday on Tuesday and he said, “Oh, your birthday is Tuesday?” He acted a little funny even the morning of my birthday but then I found out why… I didn’t take the train home that night per his instruction and he drove down and picked me up from my building. We drove over to 6th street and met two of my good friends! He had called and arranged for them to meet us for dinner at Iron Cactus, one of my favorite places. It was a lovely dinner and so nice. He even brought me a rose and a cake for dessert! Apparently he’d been sneaky. He had been telling me he wasn’t sure what time he’d get out of work that day so I was thinking it would be late. Instead, he had left work, gone home to feed the pups, picked up roses and the cake and then drove downtown to get me! He’s a sneaky one but an awesome one too. I love him.



  1. Props to Eric – good job being sneaky!! Glad you had a great birthday =)

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