Posted by: begraceful | March 19, 2011

Valentine’s Day

I forgot that I took a picture of this meal. I’m glad I did because it was DELICIOUS!

Each V-day Mr. G & I have made it a tradition to cook our own lobsters. This year he found a stuffed lobster recipe he wanted to try from Alton Brown. He always has great recipes… yum. We went all the way and got river rocks from Home Depot, used fresh herbs, 2 pretty lobsters… This recipe took a bit of prep/cook time but it was SO good. You par cook the lobsters and use the meat in the legs for the stuffing. You cut the lobsters in half lengthwise, cleaning out the gross stuff. Place stuffing in the body cavity and bake them alongside the claws. We invited our friends the Wachholz’ up to have dinner with us and they brought delicious fettuccine alfredo with red pepper flakes and broccoli. They also made chocolate dipped strawberries and a tart! I baked up (and almost burned) the rolls but oh well… They were still alright. Anywho…. Here is the main course in all it’s  splendor, claw on top. : )

Stuffed lobster, Roll & Fettuccine

Delicious!!! You should really try cooking your own lobster if you haven’t (and if you aren’t grossed out by the fact that you buy them live).



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