Posted by: begraceful | March 19, 2011

Gift for our new niece

Mr.G’s brother and sister-in-law had their new baby this month. She’s the first girl of this generation. She has a brother and a male cousin. Everyone is very excited about having a little girl in the family!

Remember that quilting class I went to last month? Mr.G helped pick out the fabrics for the quilt and he signed me up for the class as a Christmas gift. It was only fitting that the resulting quilt go to his new niece! I’m glad it worked out this way because even though the colors are brown and blue, I don’t see this quilt being very boyish… The back is a brown cotton with white polka dots. Mr.G chose that as the backing too. : )

Parker is SUCH a big help!

After I had finished it I decided I needed to make a label for it since it was going to family. I’m not a fan of big obvious labels on quilts. It seems to take away from the beauty of most quilts I’ve seen. So even though I’d finished the binding and everything, I took out one corner to add a little note. Using printable fabric, I put her name and birth date on the label and sewed into the corner. I’m really happy with how it turned out and will likely do this again in the future if I don’t figure out a better technique.

Slightly blurry...

Yay! Now… just need to get it in the mail…….


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