Posted by: begraceful | February 18, 2011

New for 2011

Lots of changes happening in 2011 so far…

New job – Woooo! I’m now an Analyst with a market research firm in downtown Austin. I’m still pretty new and learning everything but hopefully I can help streamline processes and organize some stuff around the place. : )

Quilt Class – For Christmas, Mr.G bought me a class from this cute little place called Stitch Lab on South 1st. The first session was fun and I ended up with a fully pieced baby quilt front. This Sunday we will sandwich, quilt and bind!!!! Woo! This has given me new inspiration in sewing and hopefully I’ll get to do lots more of sewing in the future.

Softball – We signed up to play softball with some friends in the Austin Sports & Social League. We had our first game yesterday. Everyone knew we wouldn’t be all stars – half of us have never played. But it was fun, I scored once (got on base because I almost got hit by a ball at the plate… real nice!), stopped one ball partially with my arm but stopped it… and then ran after a perfectly hit ball that landed RIGHT at the right field fence.. sigh. Oh well. I think the umpire said the final score was 4-12 but we all thought it was more like 6 – 12.. whatev. We had 2 innings without the other team scoring so that was cool. Struck em out and caught em out! Mr.G and I may go to some batting cages so I can actually learn how to bat…

New Bike – We also bought a bike for me for Christmas. yay! Now we can go out together and get low impact exercise. : ) It’s very fun and I love it. We’re going to explore around our area for fun places to ride.

CapMetro Rail – I’m taking the train downtown to work. It’s fun! I go to the park and ride at Howard and Mopac and have a lovely ride south to the downtown station next to the convention center. It’s nice. I don’t have to sit in traffic, I can read or just look out the window. My car doesn’t get extra mileage put on it and I don’t have to park downtown. Plus the cost is similar to parking downtown for the most part – cheaper than a garage. The only issue is that the last train leaves downtown at 6:30. So I can’t stay downtown for an unplanned dinner or happy hour or I won’t have a way home… unfortunate! I want to tell the city, I would spend more $$ downtown if it ran longer!! I’ve heard though that they can’t run it later in the day because it shares tracks with the Mopac railway and freight runs after the CapMetro train… maybe they earn more from the freight than the commuter train. Either way, I still vote for the last one to leave at 8 or 9pm…. hopefully it’ll happen at some point!

Another thing I hope to happen soon… more pictures and blogging! We’ll see how it goes…


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