Posted by: begraceful | December 22, 2010

Seeing Red

ah… this post was started over a week ago. oops! I wonder if it will post with that date… Anywho, I kept forgetting to get pictures off the camera to share. So finally.. I did. Enjoy.

So I’ve started sewing again. This time a bit more purposefully. My mother taught me to sew originally but lately I’ve been teaching myself some new techniques including quilting and the like from blogs. I haven’t been too confident in my abilities but after a church get together to make new banners, I realized I know more than I thought. SO… I started with a few small things that just needed to be done… ‘monogrammed’ the dog’s collars. Hehehe!

Ok, so they’re not exactly monograms but we couldn’t tell them apart when we took them off.


So now there’s an S for Sydney and a P for Parker. I’m happy with how they turned out. Mr. G asked if I did it on my sewing machine so that made me feel good! Next I tried to fix an old black sweater… It’s a few inches too short and so I thought I could add some black lace on the bottom and it would look nice and seem longer… So what really happened is that I basically added a tutu to the bottom of my sweater. I didn’t even take a picture it looked so silly…. sigh. Oh well, that’s what seam rippers are for. I have since worn the sweater… with a long black tank top underneath. Done and done.

The next project I’ve taken up is making some potholders for our kitchen. We had a Thanksgiving pot luck with a few friends which made me realize that my two fabric pot holders and two wooden trivets are not going to cut it… So I’m practicing my quilting on these babies. At least they’ll match each other!

Unfinished potholder that is actually red. Ug lighting!

For this project, I got to fight with my sewing machine. Apparently changing from a traditional presser foot to a free motion foot is so not ok. I had tension issues galore. A line of stitches took up feet of top thread and only a few inches of bobbin thread. UG!!! My instruction manual only talks about changing top thread tension. Seeing as I already had the tension set to nine, I couldn’t make the top any tighter… But, remembering my mom’s old machine, I took apart the bobbin case and started fiddling with the screws under there. I found the one for the bobbin tension and I think I’ve got it fixed! It’s only slightly annoying because right after I fixed it, I ran out of bobbin thread. Aka, I had to unthread the machine to thread a new bobbin and then rethread so now I had to start all over getting the tension correct. Oh well, good practice I guess.

Quilting practice... meandering!

Also, does anyone else’ sewing station look like this?

Sewing area... aka the dining room : )

I have to store everything close to the center because of this:

Curious pup

Neither of them have actually ruined anything yet but they’ve stolen scraps and such… sigh.



  1. Hilarious picture!

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