Posted by: begraceful | December 7, 2010


I still suck at making hard boiled eggs.

Or hard cooked eggs as the incredible edible egg site wants me to call them. Whatever.
The first issue with the eggs was that a) they weren’t cooked through. Oops! So I put them back in the pot and pretty much went through the same process as the first time but timed it with a timer instead of me trying to remember to look up. : ) Then there was the peeling. It didn’t go so well. I didn’t have a single unblemished egg. One of them was actually quite bad really. It had large hunks that wouldn’t let go of the shell. The good part? Deviled eggs don’t face up so no one would notice. I made the egg yolk mixture with mayo, sour cream and chives per the recipe but in a plastic bag. I LOVE piping things out of bags – not sure why. After piping, I sprinkled with paprika and they were yummy! I just didn’t look closely at the lack of a smooth bottom. : )

In other news, the made up pockets from yesterday were good! I had one for lunch today just heated up in the toaster oven. It was really like a homemade Hot Pocket but with better ingredients and cheese that wasn’t rubbery. I was concerned that they would be too dry but it really was good. I especially like that I didn’t have to try and make dough. (After the Thanksgiving pie dough incident, I’m really not confident about making any type of dough.. sigh)


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