Posted by: begraceful | December 3, 2010


Little pigeon! Well that’s what it means in Polish. I assume they used to use pigeon meat in these. Instead I used beef and pork. : )

So, the Polish Pot Luck was a success! We had 2 different kinds of homemade pierogi, 1 batch of haluski, polish apple pie and our little golabkis! It was very fun, everyone enjoyed the food even though nothing was familiar. Even Russell tried really hard to find Polish beer… didn’t work out so well but our friends don’t mind as long as it’s beer. : )

Back to the Golabki… I knew the gist of what this dish entails but I’d never actually prepared it. Thankfully Emeril had made them for a show on Food Network many years ago. We used his recipe from and it was great. I was really happy with how the tomato sauce turned out. The only thing that would have been better? If the meat/rice mixture would have stayed together a bit more. I’m not sure if an extra egg would have helped or what, it just didn’t bind well. Whatever, didn’t ruin the dish, that’s for sure!

The only other thing that could have been done better is of course more/better pictures… I always forget. Especially when something is especially yummy, I just want to eat it, not find the camera! : )

Anywho…. Golabki:

Ready for the oven!


And of course, the finale with the sauce and some homemade pierogi too!

Dinner is served

What other themes should we do for pot luck nights? Something more interesting than Italian or Mexican I hope…




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