Posted by: begraceful | November 16, 2010

Polish Potluck in Pflugerville!!

On Friday a bunch of our friends are getting together to do a pot luck. We did them a few years ago and tried to have themes of different foods. The simpler ones were easy and went over well – Italian, Mexican etc. This week is Polish and I’m SUPER excited! I’m making my favorite Polish dish Golabki. Go look at it here. DELICIOUS!

I first had Golabki when my roommate’s mom made it. Joanna was really Joasia in Polish and her mom Alicja Siwek would send her back to Austin with delicious food. Once, it was Golabki and I’ve loved it since. She also brought califlower soup, Polish Apple Pie and Pierogi. They were all good. So anywho… I’m excited because I get to try my hand at it. Hopefully they stay together and are as good as when Joanna & her mom make them. : )

Steph agreed to try their Polish Apple Pie recipe too! Since she’s a baker, I’m sure it will be lovely. It’s a pretty simple recipe but it takes a bit of time. So worth it though.


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