Posted by: begraceful | November 15, 2010

My favorite dish ever…

I’m working on this semi-secret Christmas gift thing which involves recipes. For this semi-secret thing, I need photos of food! I need to get better at taking said photos but the fun part about this project is that I get to make the food I need pictures of. : )

Here is my favorite dish ever: Risotto. I’m not sure where I even had it first but since I love rice and creamy sauce, this had quite the appeal from the beginning. People are sometimes shocked that I make it at home. I find that amusing because, having made it at home, I know it takes quite a while to make and I would likely be unhappy with the length of time needed to prepare it in a restaurant!

Anywho, risotto is quite easy really. You just have to pay attention to it and stir. The basic idea is that you have butter (or olive oil) warming in a pot into which you toss about half a cup of chopped onion. After sauteing for a bit to get them soft, you add chopped garlic and the raw Arborio rice to the pot. You heat it a bit and then start adding liquid. I prefer adding vegetable stock because I usually make risotto vegetarian, however, you can add almost any kind of liquid. I would suggest though that you don’t use a creamy soup. It doesn’t incorporate well… So maybe any clear liquid! You can also add a bit of wine as the first part of liquid. Just know that if you add red wine, it will turn your risotto purple. It still tastes delish but boy is it a funky color… Anywho, back to the pot. Basically you stir and keep adding liquid until it’s all absorbed and the grains of rice are soft. There is a point where the consistency becomes creamy and that point is very distinct, at least to me. The last thing to do is add some shredded or grated Parm and you’re done!
You can add all kinds of things to the dish though. My favorites are probably asparagus and mushrooms.

Mushroom & Asparagus Risotto



  1. So I made Chicken Asparagus last night, served with brown rice. . . basically just like this with some chicken!
    I love rice and creamy sauce too 🙂

    • YUM! We should make fun stuff when you visit in December!

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