Posted by: begraceful | November 11, 2010


I’m pretty sure we started making bread sometime earlier this year… and there is a draft post just sitting here. Whoops! Anywho… The dough and process/technique is from this book: Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. Let me tell you, this book is awesome. The basic recipe can be changed slightly to make all kinds of different breads from pita to flatbread to sweet rolls to pizza dough. We have been wanting to make whole wheat bread but need to go out and find wheat gluten… instead, we keep making the same boule! Whatever, it’s delicious. This week I decided to get the dough together for pizza while Mr. G was working upstairs.

I followed the directions and let the dough rise and all that good stuff. Then as the oven was heating up, I rolled out the dough and placed it on our ‘pizza peel’. Don’t tell anyone, it’s just a cookie sheet…  It works just as well so I’m not going to go out and get yet another gadget…

Pizza Dough

I don’t love traditional pizza toppings. Additionally, I don’t like to make special trips to the store if I’m ready RIGHT THEN to make something so I tend to use whatever I have available. I’ve found that Alfredo sauce and basil pesto are both great on pizza. For this one though, I used a tomato based sauce and we added asparagus…

Asparagus chopped!

and roasted red peppers…

Roasted Red Pepper!

and broccoli…


Top it off with ground beef and mozzarella and voila, deliciousness!

Ready for the oven!

Thankfully Mr.G liked it. The last time I experimented with pizza like this, I was alone so I was the only one who had to like it. : )

We have extra dough standing by and are preparing for Stromboli this weekend!


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