Posted by: begraceful | October 14, 2010

How to forget you have a blog

Well… first you quit your job, search for jobs in another state, pack up parts of the house, including my sewing machine, travel to Florida, interview, get a job (yay!) and then.. well, life. The other issue in blog writing is that whatever I want to write, shouldn’t really be public. I usually write to work out a problem or figure out what I’m feeling. NOT something to publish on the interwebs…

Anywho… I’m in Florida. After that interview in June… or was it July? I accepted a position in Tampa and have been hanging out with my rents in their condo. : ) They are the youngest residents here by probably 15+ years so I’m REALLY young. There is one lady who works at the front desk who I always felt like just looked at me like, Why are you here youngin?? She’s actually really nice and I’m probably projecting…

So the big news is that…. the house is now off the market. Our listing contract ended and we’ve decided not to renew. We picked the worst time to sell a house. We hadn’t had a showing in over a month. Then of course, there was a showing the DAY AFTER WE TOOK IT OFF! Of course, nothing has come of it. At least we had finally gotten to the point where we ignored showings and didn’t get our hopes up. So with the house not selling, and our not wanting a long distance marriage (haven’t seen each other in 2 months now…) I’m leaving my position here and moving back to Texas. I wanted to give them time to find a replacement though. I know it took a while to find me after the previous buyer left and I don’t have a job in Austin yet. Hopefully it’ll work out in the coming weeks and they’ll have found someone perfect and I’ll get called about a job in Austin. We shall see….

It will be sad leaving my parents. I’ll be happy to be with my husband and puppies. It will be nice to be around friends again. I’ll miss Florida and the beach. I just hope my parents will be ok when I leave. : (

In the short term, I’m REALLY looking forward to and needing the massage (and facial) my mom and I have scheduled for Saturday. YESSSSSSSSSS! I’ve been meaning to get a massage for probably 5 or 6 months. My shoulders are so tight and hurting that I use a heating pad before bed each night… speaking of, since my shoulder muscle seized today when I bent down to pick up a piece of paper… I need to go grab that heating pad and go to bed.

ps Grey’s was really good tonight but makes me want to kiss my husband. : (


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