Posted by: begraceful | July 19, 2010

Dogs are staring at me (random bits)

They usually do around this time. The pups are hungry and they would like food please! No mom, we don’t care that dinner time isn’t for another 2 hours, can’t you see we’re starving!?!? Ah, the life of dogs….

So the contract on our house fell through… The buyer apparently freaked out and decided she just couldn’t buy it right now. Then she actually asked if she could rent the house for a year and have first right of refusal to buy it then. Seriously?

So we’re back to square one with the house on the market, hoping for showings. We had 1 the day it came back on the market but then none all weekend. I’m really bummed.

In other news, we made Matt’s Penne A La Vodka a few weeks ago.

Gathered Ingredients

It was very yummy. We added shrimp and scallops to it and the recipe made SO much sauce!

Vodka sauce

I forgot to photograph the actual meal…. of course. Apparently I was hungry enough that it slipped my mind. : )

Today has been a crazy day. I’m a mess. It started when Sydney scratched up the back of my leg when she was so excited about going for a walk… then I got blisters during the walk. Later, I was passing the time before my foot appointment and it finally got to 1:30… and I checked my calendar and low and behold, my appointment wasn’t at 2:30 as I had thought, it was 1:30. I said a few choice words and jumped in Eric’s car to get there….. 5 minutes into driving I see that the gas light is about to come on. Fantastic! Thankfully I made it to the doctor, received shots in my foot (avoid this if you can) and pumped gas. Whew! Now I’m hoping I don’t do anything else silly today to injure or stress myself out…


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