Posted by: begraceful | July 9, 2010


Last week, I was feeling creative. Since the house is on the market, I’m trying to keep everything organized and hidden so potential buyers won’t come into a mess…  I haven’t been able to sew for a while and I’m surprised that it’s killing me. I have always had lots of ideas and I never got to execute them before, so why is it so difficult now? Maybe because right now I have time I could actually do some fun stuff.

So back to last week… I went to the store earlier in the week but of course I didn’t make a very good list before I left. I missed milk, toilet paper, toothpaste… sigh. Oh well. So, for lunch, I decided to put together a fun pizza but I had limited options in the kitchen. I had made a hummus-like dip on Tuesday because it sounded fun. Sadly, I didn’t have garbanzo beans so I used cannelloni instead. I added garlic, lemon juice and prepared basil pesto. Let me tell you, it’s delicious, especially with tortilla chips. For lunch, I pulled out one of the Boboli pizza crusts I’d purchased and spread the bean dip on it. I didn’t have any shredded cheese and American was just not going to cut it, so I used some of the jarred Alfredo sauce I had in the fridge. It’s cheesy so I figured it would be a good substitute…

I’m trying to eat less meat and more veggies… I had green onions, a red bell pepper, broccoli and some asparagus available. So I par cooked the asparagus, bell pepper and warmed some broccoli. While the oven heated up, I placed all my veggies on the pizza crust with sauce.

Almost complete..

It’s so pretty! I also added Parmesan to the top. I was hoping it would melt a little but… not so much. No worries, it was still delicious. After a quick trip in the oven, the pizza was ready for my consumption!

Baked and ready for eating

Gosh it was so good!


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