Posted by: begraceful | July 1, 2010

Hello again!

I’m not so good at the keeping up with blogging thing… I think part of it is that what was on my mind the last few months, what I wanted to get out, was all work related and not really appropriate for the interwebs. Don’t you hate that? I do. I get all upset about something and want to tell people but no no… anywho, I’ve since left my job so no more job stress! Woo!! I know many people (some of my family included) think I’m crazy to have up and quit my job in this economy without a new one set up. Well, it’s true it’s a bit crazy but at least I’m happier.

We are planning a move to sunny Florida!! That was the other reason for quitting. The team was gearing up for the new year and new responsibilities. I didn’t feel like I could sit there with a happy look on my face talking about who is doing what in the hierarchy for the next year when I’m sitting here with my house on the market and planing a move out-of-state. I’m pretty sure they were all shocked.

So our house is on the market! Well, it has been since mid April. We’ve lowered the price and put together some staging things but haven’t had an offer yet. Here’s hoping!!

I also had two interviews in Brandon when I was there last week to visit my parents and attend a wedding. Hopefully one of those will work out and I can get this transition phase of life moving. That’s really what it is, a transition. We need to sell the house to move or I need to have a job. But if I have a job there and need to get an apartment, we wouldn’t want to have to pay rent and our mortgage. Hopefully all will happen at once soon. There’s also the question of buying a house in Florida. Should we just get an apartment and wait a bit? Potentially. If we sell our house, we could possibly turn around and put on offer on something in Florida. Aaaah too many questions!

Relaxing on Clearwater Beach

Can’t wait for all these changes to take place.


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