Posted by: begraceful | February 12, 2010

Beware of ranting

Apologies in advance for this to be my first post of the year. It was actually moslty written a few weeks ago and I’ve fallen behind. sigh.

I feel like I give people the benefit of the doubt. I typically make excuses for people or assumptions about the reasons that they’re doing or not doing something. I’m assuming that you’re busy. I send a check to pay for fees and it doesn’t get deposited in a timely manner. Not a big deal to me. Accusing me of not paying it 3 months later in an email to a larger group. Big deal to me. Here is where I assume you’re too busy. Too busy to do your job and manage payments from large groups of people. Even though you took on this responsibility voluntarily.  I have had to follow-up every time I give you anything to make sure you have it. And yet, it doesn’t matter! It’s incredible!

Americans are notoriously overworked, doing it mostly to ourselves. We get up early, get to work, work all day, eat lunch at our desks maybe? stay late, go home, waste time in front of the television, sleep and repeat. I dislike the system and I bet you do to. I’m not too sure I can change it exactly but we’ll see what we can do. Ok too much rambling. The main point. I know you’re busy. I am too. If you need help managing all you’ve taken on. Ask for help. BAM!


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