Posted by: begraceful | October 23, 2009

I disappeared again

So obviously I haven’t been doing so well with that whole blog more thing. Life has gotten in the way. There is always something to do, plan for, stress about. There seem to be changes either happening or on the horizon and it’s put me in a weird mood lately. If anyone knows a way to stop worrying about stuff, you be sure to let me know. legal activities only please…

It would also help if what I was making in my creative life wasn’t a secret for someone who might be reading this right now. Tricky tricky! Oh well, I’ll take photos and show it off at some point. We’ll see how long I last in keeping it a secret from the recipient in the first place.

Mr. G & I cruising

Mr. G & I cruising

Anywho, I’m around… just in a weird little mood. And busy stalking other blogs of course. : )


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