Posted by: begraceful | September 17, 2009


Mr. G always wants to have breakfast together. It’s very sweet and makes me feel loved. My alarm goes off and he either falls back asleep or patiently waits for me to shower and get ready for the day. Then we’ll go out together (with the dogs) to have our cereal or whatnot. We typically watch the news then too. It’s very suburban or old timey maybe. But it’s very nice and a great way to start my day when I have to leave him while he works from the kitchen table. I’m sure he doesn’t have a leisurely day or anything but I’m always a bit sad or jealous when I leave and he’s there in our comfy home with the napping dogs. : )

So this morning at 1am (that should really not be considered morning), myself and the dogs awoke to a loud noise. Mr. G only woke up because we were fussing – I’m pretty sure he could sleep through a robbery. The sound was like breaking glass and then a thump, so of course I was thinking something just came through a window. However, the dogs didn’t really freak out so that wasn’t it. They were just awake and excited. How sweet… STOP JUMPING ON ME IT’S 1AM! I looked over the house anyway and nothing seemed amiss. Maybe it was just an accident a few blocks over or something… we go back to bed. We being Mr. G, myself and Parker since Sydney wanted to play. She decided to grab her bed and shake it around in the middle of the floor. Sigh…

Anywho, we sleep fitfully for a few hours and Mr. G had to wake up for a 5am conference call with China (lovely). I woke up a bit after 6 and got ready. After his call, Mr. G came back to the bedroom to lounge on our bed with the news on and dogs going crazy around him. Then we started our tradition of going to the kitchen for breakfast. While Mr. G got the dogs’ food ready, I opened the refrigerator to a surprise. How lovely, a Coke Zero had frozen somehow and exploded at 1am… ALL OVER THE FRIDGE! I’m talking all over. So instead of our nice casual breakfast, we spent the morning cleaning our refrigerator. We had to take everything out, the shelves, the food, all of it. I wish I’d taken a photo of it but alas, I forgot.

I guess it’s nice because now our fridge is clean, but I had to grab a pop tart and some coffee and head out. : ( a bit of a bummer but I’ll live. Thankfully, I get to go home to see my honey tonight! I love it when he works from home. It’s even better when we share breakfast. : )


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