Posted by: begraceful | September 7, 2009

Grey Ghost

“Weimaraners are high-strung and often wear out their owners, requiring appropriate training to learn how to calm them and to help them learn to control their behavior.” –

Ah well, this is our Weimaraner:

Parker is bored.

Parker is bored

We were blessed with this bundle of sleepiness. He is not at all high strung. He can wear us out from the repeated request to throw a tennis ball. Parker is a wonderful companion (to Mr. G mostly) and will definitely protect his territory. However, he is also a lazy bum. Parker is content to lounge around sleeping most of the day with intermittent spurts of sniffing things and watching birds. He regularly rolls in the grass just for the heck of it and to get a bit of sun. Parker is fun to take to off leash parks where he can run for hours. He will run and run, not complaining even when his pads get torn up by the ground. : (

Don't worry, they were parked...

Don't worry, they were parked...

Anywho, he’s our first baby and we got really lucky. We adopted him from WRNT (Weimaraner Rescue of North Texas) when he was 3. He was old enough that he wasn’t trying to chew the legs off of tables or anything puppy-like. We love him and hopefully everyone who meets him sees the same big silly dog we do. Just watch out, he may knock you over… or lick you.


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