Posted by: begraceful | September 4, 2009

Some Comfort

One of our department admins sat across the hall from me for around a year. We could lean a bit and wave to each other… I became her quasi assistant whenever someone came down looking for her.  She moved to a different department (and floor) so we don’t get to see her as much.

Anywho, she’s a fun lady; very active and environmentally friendly. She picks up trash on her dog walks (Weims!) and tries not to use the plastic grocery bags from the stores… She was having a spell of bad luck last year when someone broke into her car and stole a bunch of gifts she had wrapped and ready for a party. In addition, they stole the usual, CDs etc. But they also took all the fabric bags she uses at the grocery store. We were all flabbergasted. Out of everything in the car, grocery bags?? How weird. Some burglars are apparently environmentally conscious too? Anywho, she was very upset about the incident and I wanted to cheer her up.


I based this bag off of one I’ve had since elementary school (the template bag still has my name written in my scratchy handwriting on the inside).

It’s a very simple lined bag with handles and a pocket. I wanted to make it a tiny bit special and embroidered her name on some ribbon for an accent.

Embroidered ribbon

Embroidered ribbon

I actually dislike the handle material quite a bit. It’s not sturdy enough for me but it worked.

She wasn’t expecting it at all and thankfully, she loved it!


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