Posted by: begraceful | August 30, 2009


I tend to fall a lot. Apparently it’s not just gangly teenage legs because I’m 24 and this is getting ridiculous. In High School there was an incident involving me in socks, running in our newly waxed gym. I wish it had just been my ego that was bruised. Instead I bruised my tailbone. It hurt to sit, to run, to walk… I wasn’t able to play in that week’s soccer game. How embarrassing!

Not too much has changed. I’m probably more cautious now. Not cautious enough to stop wearing flip flops, which are ridiculously slippery. Last Thursday I had to stop for gas at night in the rain. I wasn’t running around the car or anything crazy but I definitely bit it in the middle of the gas station. I slid sideways, hit my whole left leg on the ground along with my elbow to break my fall. My credit card and keys went flying. I bet it would have been hilarious if anyone had been paying attention. Even more so because I almost fell again once I got to the actual pump. I drove home with a throbbing hip and wet jeans feeling stupid. Hopefully, some day I can get it together enough to keep myself on my feet.


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