Posted by: begraceful | August 25, 2009

Put down that bun!

Sydney likes catching baby bunnies apparently.

“It’s the greatest mom. Don’t make me drop the bunny, I want to take it inside and show dad.”

So we were getting ready for church last Sunday and Sydney was conspicuously missing from the mini weim pack (ok, so 2 dogs probably don’t make a pack but so what). I went around the corner and to the back door to see if she was sunbathing. What did I find? I saw her put down, sniff, pick up, and put back down a tiny bunny that would fit in the palm of my hand. Sydney was actually very delicate with it – no blood or anything – which made us think for a moment that she had been a hunting dog in her past life. We will never know of course but it’s possible that she would retrieve small game before her eye was injured. In any case, she was very proud of her catch and did not want to leave it. I went in the house, closed up the dog door and went all crazy yelling for Mr. G. He was still in the shower so I ran around looking for a camera. Parker stayed with me and ran around excited as well. I finally found the camera and a cardboard box for… well, disposal (sorry poor cute bunny). Thankfully, she dropped it for me and Mr. G was kind enough to get it in the box. Whew. Crisis averted. No blood in the house. Actually, not even the bunny in the house! Score!

Oh but we were wrong. She brought over another! This one was not so lucky to have been treated with quite as much care. Then still a third. This third time we were able to watch where she was finding these poor buns. They must have been born in the neighbor’s backyard and snuck through the fence. They were quite small but already furry so they weren’t born last night. We were able to free the third bunny from someone’s slobbery mouth. Thankfully, this bun seemed to be in pretty good shape. He was hopping around like crazy which made it harder to utilize the third cardboard box stolen from the kitchen… This third one, I let free near the pond down the street. Hopefully, another bunny mother will come and adopt him. Or maybe his own mother will come for him! Ah, I dream.

Sydney and her bunny

Sydney and her bunny

The bunnies around the neighborhood have obviously become complacent with Parker around. He may be a large dog but he is no hunter. I think he was friends with the neighborhood bunnies – we always did find bunny poo back there. Once we opened the door when we saw one in the backyard. He stood on the patio staring at it. Watched it streak across the yard – the long way. Then we went inside like nothing had happened… Oh Parker, you’re being shown up by your smaller, less sighted sister. Maybe all the bunnies of the neighborhood will chat and mark our house as uninhabitable. I think that might be best for their future generations…


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