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I think we officially have a tooth! He won’t let us pry inside his mouth much so i did the metal spoon test… Results were positive! A tink tink on the top of a little tooth!
We noticed a blood blister on his gums a few days ago when he was screaming, the only time you can see his bottom jaw easily. The past 2 days his gums were swollen for sure. Last night he cried and the frozen washcloth did the trick.
Hopefully this is as bad as it gets! He’s really had an easyish time with it. Maybe it’s the amber necklace?? : )

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Crunchy, granola, hippy and all that stuff

So i didn’t think i would be as crunchy as i am as a parent. I didn’t have a plan exactly but i didn’t even know about cloth diapers 3 years ago. So…
– Yes, we cloth diaper. It’s not that big of a deal to me. We do more laundry I’m sure but he has only had blowouts in disposables and 2 diaper rashes. His skin definitely appreciates it. It’s fun to try different types and figure out the best combinations, especially for night. Maybe that’s part of it. Since i quit my job, i have had little mental simulation. figuring out cloth has added a later of challenge to life!
-Mostly due to the cloth diapers, we use all natural baby lotions, bottom balm, shampoo etc. Diaper creams contain petroleum usually (and zinc oxide) that can cause cloth to repel liquids. Definitely not what you want for diapers! So we use Earth Mama Angel Baby products. So far so good!
– baby led weaning. Such a misnomer. It should really be baby-led feeding. That’s what i wanted to do but it turns out that our son enjoys the spoon. He helps us feed him with one. So far he enjoys bananas, rice cereal and beans.
-Amber teething necklace. It’s not something for the baby to chew on… I thought so originally too. The necklace is for him and releases a chemical to hello with teething pain. People keep asking if it works. my answer is that i am not going to remove it to find out! If it doesn’t, at least it’s pretty!
– Babywearing. I wear my baby. It sounds way more odd when you say it like that. I own 3 baby carriers and am renting a forth! It’s so nice to get groceries with 2 hands. Now i just need to learn back carries!
– we compost and garden. And have 3 rain barrels… I think that’s just smart living in central Texas and not that uncommon i guess.

I’ll have to think of other natural things we do….

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Little man is 7 months old now. He’s so fun right now because he’s so much more interactive than before. We love to make him laugh. Right now it’s easy if you sing part of a YouTube video….what does the fox say? Hilarious. He giggles at that. He is also ticklish behind his shoulder blades…
We went on a trip 2 weeks ago now to visit my parents in Florida. It was wonderful. We have a ton off pictures because we all had our phones all the time.
Little man had his first swim in the gulf and showed off his cuteness to nana and papa. We also swam in their pool and went out to restaurants. The boy can now sit in a highchair,  although we sometimes have to add padding to fit him better. It makes dinner so much easier since he now likes to keep an arm out of the ergo to grab things… like my food!
The baby liked the crib they had and since returning home, has been napping in his own! Winning! I have gotten so much more done as a result. For instance, yesterday i showered and did the dishes! Only negative is that i used to clip his nails when he slept on me…tricky.
One day we went to the beach and Eric and i forgot our phones. We were using an app to track baby things likes sleep, diapers and nursing. Well, we did it cold turkey by accident and we’re now app free! It’s pretty freeing but also makes me pay more attention to the clock. Instead of looking at the app, i have to remember what time he woke up so i don’t miss his sleepy cues and can plan his next nap. This may sound silly to non-parents but i have left for appointments early so the baby would nap in the car instead of me having to wake him up to leave. As they say…never wake a sleeping baby. Ok, it’s not true but it’s best if you don’t!
We’ll see what this next month holds. He has started ‘crawling’ backwards in addition to continuously rolling. : )

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Does not compute

So our pediatrician’s office has an online appointment request system. I figure, the appointment I need to make is for about 2 weeks out and they have a 48 hour response time. Totally fine. Plus it’s a well check, non emergency. Done. Four days before the appointment I receive a call after 5pm which I miss. It’s the doctor and they want me to call back. I do. I get their after hours stuff of who to call for the nurse line etc.. Of course I do, it’s after 5. I forget to call the next day (man I have to write EVERYTHING down!). They call again, this time at 4:50ish. Interesting. I did answer that one and guess what… our appointment is double booked and we need to reschedule. Oh and they have no more openings this week. She said something about having so many physicals since school starts soon. Um sorry, why is that my problem? Sounds like you’re taking on too many patients if that’s a line you’re going to give me… I mention that I made this appointment through the online system quite a while ago. Her response: it’s not too hard to call and we know the doctor’s preferences. You must be kidding. So if not for a well check, why would anyone use the online system? If you broke your arm, you’re not going to do a 48 hr wait… I flat out told her there is no point to using the system then if it’s just going to double book. I was pissed. I hope she heard it. I need to follow up with a note to the doctor about it just so he’ll know.
The rescheduled appointment was yesterday. The doctor finally saw us 40 minutes after our scheduled time. He went through his checklist and didn’t even ask if I had any questions. I had to stop him as he was packing up his things and ask him my most important two.
In related news, we are changing pediatricians. I’ve heard good recos from some friends about a doc a bit further away. Honestly, if she’s any better than this, I’m going. I really hope she’s accepting new patients.

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Getting the hang of things

Well kinda. In my head i am. I feel much better about my ability to mother this little babe. Sometimes I’ll get a jolt of inspiration and feel like i can cook and clean and get this house in order. Then when JJ goes down for the night, all i want is to relax with a glass of wine. Right now I’m trying to not be hard on myself that the house could use vacuuming, organizing and really, a deep deep cleaning… I am caring for a precious little man. He is napping on my lap right now and I’m trying to not think about the house things i should be doing. I have kept up with the laundry ok. Probably because it is a necessity… I’m getting better at putting the baby down. Eric was always saying that i carried him too much. I don’t think that’s possible though. 🙂 Now that he is getting older, he doesn’t need me to entertain him 100 percent. More like 90. 🙂
Things i need to do:
– clean the baby’s bathroom so we can take baths up there. Right now there is a spider in the tub. Shows you how much we use the bathroom/how awesome i am at cleaning…
– vacuum more often. This boy well start to crawl in a few months and would probably appreciate not being covered in dog fur…or i would appreciate it!
– the dishes. Sigh. Never ending…

I would also like to get back to sewing. Slowly but surely. I’ve made things for the baby at least.
Anyway, I’m feeling better about our loose schedule and getting baby to nap. Right more he will only nap for over 33 minutes if he is physically on me. The Ergo has been awesome for this. I’m officially a babywearer. I didn’t realize how crunchy we are. Ah but that is for a different day. Especially because this post had taken 3 days to finish… And has a ton of typos..

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Not a mother for a day

I’m laying on an air mattress in a cottage of sleeping ladies. For my friend’s bachelorette party, we rented a cottage in New Braunfels, went to Schlitterbahn yesterday and plan to float the river today. I am always the early riser but i think the baby’s schedule has made me an even earlier riser. It would have been awesome if I could have sleepy in. I have the opportunity here to do so and here I am, awake at 7am…
This is the first time I’ve left the baby for more than a few hours. I was of course anxious. Exclusively breastfeeding makes it tricky but thankfully our little man has been able to take a bottle and switch right back. This also makes me the life of the party needing to pump every 4 hours our so to keep my supply intact. Since i tend to oversupply when i pump, I’m not too worried. But it has been quite sad to dump all that milk down the drain. I could have tried to store it but at a waterpark, really? Looking at his chunky legs, chubby cheeks and double chin makes me proud because, my body did that!! I have been able to provide sustenance for him! I’m so thankful that i was able to breastfeed. I know I’m lucky. There are some things I’m looking forward to once he weans. i should be able to get my psoriasis in check since i can’t take anything right now that would help. I won’t feel like someone else owns my body as much. And he’ll be eating real food which is just exciting!
I hear others up now, I’m going to go visit!

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We are currently on vacation in Pennsylvania and BB is currently sleeping on his Grammy’s chest. : ) This has been a good vacation for me. I usually hold BB most of the time at home and here there are others who want to hold him. I tend to put off chores, fixing meals, personal hygiene… all to keep the baby happy, developing well by getting enough tummy time, interaction and playing. Eric has always thought that I hold him too much. I do need to put him down more. He should be sitting up soon which I hear is a game changer!
With the break this week, I am feeling more energized about keeping our house clean, doing sewing projects and generally doing things. I guess I’m feeling more like me!
I’ve had a few ups and downs through this baby thing. Week 3? Definite down with some baby blues. Month 3? Up! Feeling good! Month 5? Good big baby who is so much more interactive and playful! He has been hugging me lately around the neck. It’s so sweet until he pulls the hair on the back of my neck. : )
I love him.



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5 months

Hello baby!
Happy (day after your) 5 month birthday!
You have grown so much. You had your first little cold this week and I took you to the doctor as a first time mom would… we found out that you weigh 15 lbs 8oz! You have moved into the 50th percentile in weight now. We can tell from your chubby cheeks and thighs!
You are curious about everything! No matter what it is, you want whatever is in my hand and you’d like it in your mouth pleaaase momma! You are on the verge of sitting on your own. You like to use your arms to prop you up. You also have started playing more on your tummy. Thankfully, since you roll over every time I put you down once you learned how!
We are going on a trip tomorrow to visit your dad’s side of the family. It’ll be your first plane ride. I’m excited and busy over packing. I hope you enjoy the trip and are ok on the flight.


Love you baby boy!

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4.5 months

Oh my little baby. You are sleeping across the room from me right now. You are growing up into a baby from an infant. I’m not sure what the official age ranges are for those terms but you don’t feel like an infant to me.
You still have no teeth but the past few days have been rough on your gums. They hurt you, you cry, then I’m sad. Hopefully some teefs will come in soon! We are going to swim ‘lessons’ this summer. So far, you have enjoyed it, squealing with delight. You seem to enjoy the water and do pretty well with water on your head and in your face. Yay! You are CRAZY buoyant since you’ve still got lots of baby fat going on.
We fixed up my old cell phone this week and it is officially yours. We use it mainly for the white noise app but daddy found some fun baby sounds apps that you are enthralled by. I don’t want you to be staring at a screen all day but you are definitely in a screen generation.
You still hate tummy time, even when I put a cool toy within your reach! I’m impressed with how quickly you roll over now. Last night I actually found you on your tummy in your bassinet! I’m wondering if it was an accident or on purpose. I guess time will tell.
I’m sorry I missed your 4 month birthday post. Oops! I can tell you that you’ve doubled your birth weight and have some adorable chunky legs.
You officially love to be outside. I take you out to sit and play in the mornings when its still cool. You coo and shriek with delight. You love the wind in your face and stare at the birds and the tree.
I hope you have another wonderful month baby boy and do even more cool stuff.
Love, Momma

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My baby is growing up

We had such a good day today. In the morning, I took BB upstairs to hang out while daddy showered and he rolled over from front to back! BB, not daddy. Thankfully he did it again later with daddy watching and again for video. We visited our old manager who gave us a swing and exersaucer. I was probably the most excited out of everyone and its official, the baby loves the exersaucer.

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